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Kendra, a Colorado native, found a love for animals early in life working with horses and caring for her family's pets. This has carried into her adult life and she has put this enjoyment into practice from experience as a veterinarian assistant, to owning and operating Kendra’s Critter Care, a small dog boarding facility, since 1995.

In 2017, Kendra furthered her knowledge of dogs and received a certification as a dog trainer and behavior specialist by Catch Canine Trainer Academy. She has also become a certified Pet Dog Ambassador Instructor. She wishes to help people and their canines to better understand each other and enjoy living life together. Kendra shares a home with her husband, their two adult children and their chocolate Labrador, Atty. In her spare time, she enjoys learning, serving, hiking and a good cup of coffee with a friend. 

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"Kendra Cito is not only a positive reinforcement dog trainer, she also helps cat guardians with training. Recently we adopted a beautiful orange tabby cat with not so beautiful food issues. Our new cat would scarf down his food and then bully the other cats for their food, thus we needed to slow down his eating. After complaining to Kendra she explained all pets work on the same behavioral spectrum and once you understood their language\what drives them, you could better train the pet. She suggested a food ball that mimics an animals instinct to hunt and then eat, the ball distributes a small amount of food when batted by a paw. This worked perfectly and has made meal time with our kitties a peaceful event. Thank you Kendra for all your wonderful advice." -Sheila P

"Kendra has been a godsend to our family. We got Willow our beautiful golden retriever this summer. We did not know it would be so much work bringing our new addition into our family of six. I was lucky to find Kendra threw Mut’s pet supply. She has been a steady source of support that we have needed these past months. She has always gone above and beyond to helping in which ever way she can. I highly recommend her for anyone that has a dog or is thinking about adding one to their family. She is a blessing and truly loves what she does. Willow agrees" 😊🐶💕 -Courtney G

"Kendra is fantastic at not only training our dog, but training us! She helped us understand the “why” so we could train him better. She cares so much about our dog and the relationship we have with him. We enjoy him more because were able to communicate with him better. Thanks to Kendra!!!" -Kelly H

"Kendra has worked wonders with our older dog. She and we are happier. She helped us understand our furry friend and why she was doing what she was doing. Thank you, Kendra, for all you hard work and teaching." -Susan S

"My German Shepherd and I just completed a group class taught by Kendra. I was concerned about taking a group class with this dog because she can be reactive with other dogs and anxious in new situations. Kendra knew how to read my dog's behavior and set us up for success from the beginning. I would love to take more classes with Kendra!" -Carrie A

"Kendra helped our family during a time of crisis. Our dog was traumatized by our house fire, and Kendra helped me very quickly assess our dog's needs. She provided such compassion, great resources, and wisdom when we needed it the most. Thank you, Kendra!" -Steph J

"Kendra was a great help in finding solutions with our Standard Poodle and was always available to answer questions we had. She was kind and patient with us and Cyndi during our training." -Ron S

"Kendra is amazing with animals, especially being able to know what was needed for my dog when he lost his older female friend. He was so sad and wouldn't let me leave him home alone. She had many suggestions and Samson responded to most of them. She taught me to change my behavior around him. We are still working on a few behaviors. We also introduced a new puppy and more work is coming soon. Kendra is easy to work with and she is able to give kind suggestions when we humans mess up. She does private training and group classes at The Pet Market in Longmont." -Susan M

"Our dog had behavior problems. I contacted 5 other dog trainers; they all said the problem was not correctible. Kendra told me that she could help and spent time talking to me on the phone. She then had 1 session with my dog and me. The behavior problem seems to have been solved! Thanks, Kendra!" -Jan P

"Your obedience class was a valuable class especially for me and giving me the opportunity to learn what i need to do to support Tali !!!
Love you Kendra ... you gave us what we needed to move into the scary world, allowing us to share and enjoy whatever each day may bring us ... you are an Angel ..." -Nina and Tali