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Canine Training

& Boarding


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*​​Private Training​ - $90 per hour

*Board and Train - 10 day minimum with 2 transfer sessions $780

*Boarding only - $35 per 24 hour period
This kennel is for dogs that do not care for other dogs and need a place to stay where they feel safe and not stressed out. Our accommodations are for 1-3 dogs only, as this will assure their stay will be as stress free as possible.

*Walk​ and Train while you are away - loose leash and reactivity - 30 minutes $45

​*Vascular Therapy - ​$25 for 30 minute session

Vascular Therapy has been in Europe for years and simply improves blood flow throughout the body resulting in nutrient and oxygen absorption along with energy and the removal of metabolic waste. The self-healing ability in the body of animals (and humans) is activated due to the boost in the immune system and increased blood flow. In this manner, the application of Vascular Therapy counteracts injuries and helps to prevent injuries due to inappropriate strains, lack of exercise, and environmental stress.

*Group Classes - not currently available